In the first game by one-man-team Upside-Down Camel, Shieldsmen and Skeletons clash in a retro bumper-car style battle for the ages. In a dungeon rimmed with zappers, you have one job: zap the Skeleton as many times as you can.


through the many arena stages, making it to the Special Events at the end.

Take the Upper Hand

with new powerups, more being added with each update.

Test Your Abilities

with Trial Labs, where you can test out BETA content.

Trials in Game Off 2017

Version 1.4 (AKA Version GOF [For Game Off Final]) of Trials participated in Game Off 2017, a game jam hosted by GitHub and Lee Riley. Results are pending for the Game Jam.

How to Play

Move the Shieldsman with the arrow keys or the onscreen buttons.

Hit the Skeletons into the Zappers (the spinning things around the perimeter).

Avoid the Zappers.

The orb in the middle is harmless.

Published Nov 06, 2017
Release date Nov 08, 2017
AuthorUpside-Down Camel
Tags2D, trials, unity3d, upside-down-camel
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly

Development log


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Like the game> Maybe just a bit to high speed, but it gives it a challenge. I noticed a problem after you get a bit further, the other character starts running into the walls himself, and its just about not touching him. I got a score of 158

Thanks for the complement, teodorhaus!

You said  "the other character starts running into the walls himself, and its just about not touching him". Yes, that was inserted on purpose! It was supposed to be a little 'hack' for players to find, which is why, whenever the zapper configuration changes, the skeleton resets.

looks like a fun game but the walking is too slippery. I take a step of 3 or 4 squares then I am trying to turn around but end up sliding in to the wall! but keep up the great work!!!!!

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The slippery aspect of the controls was meant to be one of the challenges of the game, so I am sorry, but I cannot fix that. But, in the next update, (To be released 11/12/17), I have addressed the uncontrollability that occurs over the Shiedsman everyone in a while. Thank you for the comment!

Movements are abit weird being a slippery style

At first, I thought the sparkly thing in the middle was deadly. This made it impossible for me to progress in the game until I decided to walk into it and found out it was not deadly. I would change it so that it looks less like something that could be considered a zapper. Aside from that, the game is great.

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Thank you!

Actually, I was going release an update for the game on 11/12/17, so Iโ€™ll be sure the change the middle spark!

Found a slight bug:
When I hit the skeleton in a way that made it go almost directly downward, it bounced from the bottom to the top over and over until I got 25 points :P

Congrats on the game, best of luck!


Good Eye, OneSleepyDev

Yes, I know about this little trick. I put it into the game to make a sort of 'hack' for the players. That is why I made the Skeleton's position reset after each stage, so you couldn't get through the whole game that way!

P. S. When you get the the Special Event at the end of the Arena, that little trick won't work. It has a zapper arrangement that I won't spoil...

Ahh, feel free to remove my comment! If that was intentional I'd hate to spoil anything.

Don't even worry about it! It was meant to be easy to find, hard to achieve!

I played your game, good idea, and fun mini-game , i have some tips for you:

1) You have the time to polish the game , and add some music ( it's better to play with music :) )

2) The velocity is too high, just try to reduce, because it's really hard to play,  or just make a constant velocity ( i think that you have try to create acceleration )                                                                  

3) when i touched the hitbox of the skeletron with the character, i thought that the GUI "hits" had a link with this, just add in your descreption that the goal is to push the skeletron in the edges of the arena.

it's just some tips, if you are sure that your game is well, it's fine for you :).

Thank you Shaggy Fires!

  1. I've thought about adding music, but it will sure come in the next update!
  2. When I was developing the game, I thought that the high velocity would be a challenge. Sorry, but I can't fix that.
  3. Oh my gosh! I totally missed that when testing the game. Yes, I see how it can be misleading for it to say 'hits'. I think I will change it to 'zaps'. Reply if you have any recommendations!