Trials 1.1

New in Trials 1.1

  • Bosses! Special Events have migrated to 2500 hits, and there is now a Boss Level at 2000.
  • Meet Dither! The first boss ever in Trials is now at 2000 hits. In a shrunken arena, can you take on this pixel cube?
  • Boss Tokens Sneak Peak! In the top right corner of the game, there is now a 'Boss Tokens' tag. It will be released in Trials 1.2.
  • Improved Hard Drive storage! Your data will now be saved across multiple browsers, as long as you remain on the same device.
  • Bug Fixes! Fixed a bug where Skeleton would hit Escape Velocity and bust through a wall.
  • Improved Agility! Shieldsman is now 10% smaller.

Note: This update is not planned to be released until 11/12/17. Additional delays may apply.

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