Edit: Trials 1.1

Edit: New in Trials 1.1

  • Bosses! Special Events have migrated to 2250 hits, and there is now a Boss Level at 2000.
  • Meet Dither! The first boss ever in Trials is now at 2000 hits. In a shrunken arena, can you take on this pixel cube?
  • Boss Tokens Sneak Peak! In the top right corner of the game, there is now a 'Boss Tokens' tag. It will be released in Trials 1.2.
  • Improved Hard Drive storage! Your data will now be saved across multiple browsers, as long as you remain on the same device.
  • Bug Fixes! Fixed a bug where Skeleton would hit Escape Velocity and bust through a wall.
  • Improved Agility! Shieldsman is now 10% smaller.
  • Touch Support! Trials is now able to be played on mobile devices, with onscreen buttons.

Note: Upon opening the game on a mobile device, it will display the message "Unity WebGL is not currently supported on mobile", or something along those lines. You should be able to click OK and play the game.

Note: Sorry for the long delay! I work with Unity3D, and my compiler on Unity Personal 2017.1.1. I updated to Unity Personal 2017.2.0f3 on 11/14/16.

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